Original Alt Rock

The Story

Beginning in the early part of the week of week of March 27, 2006, rumors began to circulate surrounding the first ever college radio station, 95.5, WBRU.

WBRU, an alternative rock station based out of Providence Rhode Island, was essential to Southern New England's music scene. BRU had been in service for 36 years – when the radio waves seemed to come crashing down.

As the week came to an end, talk began to sputter from person to person throughout Rhode Island that their beloved 95.5 was closing. On Thursday, DJ Donni Khan informed listeners that they [the djs] has been informed they were being bought out by an unknown source, and the station would go off the air on Friday, March 31st, at 5:00 PM. The last edition of BRU's "The List" aired.

To complicate matters, local news stations aired the story numerous times, making it seem all but true that BRU was soon to be gone.

On Friday, March 31, BRU continued on with it's last day of serving southern new england with Rock. All the dj's sounded very depressed that they were all out of work, and we're asking for new jobs in the industry. At 4 PM, WBRU began it's final hour, playing the most meaningful song, and ending with Green Day's "Good Riddance", which was cut off sharply by static around 20 seconds before the songs ending.

A few moments later, Buddy FM joined the airwaves as the new WBRU.

Listening to Buddy FM was like listening to the opposite of BRU. Buddy played a wide variety of songs in no particular format, and featured catch phrases based off local people and events "Rhode Island's Only Radio Station Named After a Corrupt Official", randomness "It's Buddy in Your Mom!", and various references to other media.

If BRU was sold or not, Buddy FM was not what the alt. rock community wanted to here. Buddy's play-list began with Ace of Bass, and eventually also held the likes of Brittney Spears, Madonna, 50 Cent, and various other artists.


The Signs

WBRU's faithful listeners could not be stopped in attempting to unravel what was possibly the biggest prank ever. Around 11 pm, BRU fans began to notice that the play-list was repeating. There had yet to be an actual DJ speak, and fans claimed that, with the volume up loud enough, you could hear Windows Error Message alerts. Many also connected the consistent fade-outs to that of Winamp. The more technical BRU fans also noted that an image in the Bru Crew Member Center happened to be named "April_Fools" while it talked about thanking the fans for all their support over the years. The catch phrases and other things the Buddy FM voice-over would say also led to support the prank idea. "Buddy FM – Fun for the whole family" was followed up by a song about being horny. BRU was returning.

The Return

The morning brought rise to news from WBRU of a mysterious "12". There were bulletins from WBRU and DJ Donni Khan about the significance of noon time on April 1st. During this, Buddy FM was still playing with the same mixed play-list, even quoting "It's like an I-Pod Shuffle, with a really bad music collection." As 12:00 approached, BRU fans eagerily awaited the hopeful return of their station.

12:00 came, and went. Buddy FM continued.

Around 12:15, Buddy FM went off the air to a 3 minute long WBRU promo, before WBRU's return to the airwaves and the beginning of Alt Rock. DJ Donni Khan claimed that his key-card still worked and he had broken into the studio, only to find a computer spinning up the music. He called various other DJ's and asked them to get over to the studio as soon as possible, and they would bring BRU Back.

The Struggle

WBRU soon went under a "power struggle" with Buddy FM, while play-lists shifted from BRU to Buddy, and ads from "both stations" continued to play. Soon, WBRU began playing "chants" of "What Do we want? BRU" "When do we want it? NOW!". The on-air dj's mentioned thousands of listeners protesting outside for bru's return.

The Return for Good

Later in the afternoon, BRU was able to get a special person through the mob of people outside the studio. This person was Rich Lupo, owner of Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. Rich announced to BRU and it's fans that him and various other music industry people had been saving for 6 weeks and we're buying BRU back from Buddy FM. WBRU was saved, and Alt Rock returned to southern new england forever.

The Aftermath

95.5 Wbru was able to pull one of the largest pranks ever, and by far the best radio prank. Bru used bands such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Zox to speak during the last day of WBRU broadcasting on the 31st, only to have BRU return on April 1st.

Bru was able to successful prank almost all of the bru listener community, and it showed how much bru means too the local music scene. Everyone was as depressed as the DJ's pretended to be, reminiscing about Bru, summer concerts, and the good old days.

Wbru watched it's site crash numerous times (not all were intentional) with a flood of traffic as bru fans checked in at every moment. WBRU in the wikimedia dictionary was updated with every different song played during the final day, during buddy fm's time on the air, and during bru's return. Wiki had to close the page to prevent fans from continuing from updating the site with a time-line of every bru related event, but this deserves to make history.

March 31st 2006 – The day the radio died

April 1st 2006 – The day bru successfully pulled off one of the best executed pranks of all time.

Rock on, and continue listening to 95.5.

The Original Alt Rock