Original Alt Rock

The Aftermath

95.5 Wbru was able to pull one of the largest pranks ever, and by far the best radio prank. Bru used bands such as the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Zox to speak during the last day of WBRU broadcasting on the 31st, only to have BRU return on April 1st.

Bru was able to successful prank almost all of the bru listener community, and it showed how much bru means too the local music scene. Everyone was as depressed as the DJ's pretended to be, reminiscing about Bru, summer concerts, and the good old days.

Wbru watched it's site crash numerous times (not all were intentional) with a flood of traffic as bru fans checked in at every moment. WBRU in the wikimedia dictionary was updated with every different song played during the final day, during buddy fm's time on the air, and during bru's return. Wiki had to close the page to prevent fans from continuing from updating the site with a time-line of every bru related event, but this deserves to make history.

March 31st 2006 – The day the radio died

April 1st 2006 – The day bru successfully pulled off one of the best executed pranks of all time.

Rock on, and continue listening to 95.5.

The Original Alt Rock


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