Original Alt Rock

The Return

The morning brought rise to news from WBRU of a mysterious "12". There were bulletins from WBRU and DJ Donni Khan about the significance of noon time on April 1st. During this, Buddy FM was still playing with the same mixed play-list, even quoting "It's like an I-Pod Shuffle, with a really bad music collection." As 12:00 approached, BRU fans eagerily awaited the hopeful return of their station.

12:00 came, and went. Buddy FM continued.

Around 12:15, Buddy FM went off the air to a 3 minute long WBRU promo, before WBRU's return to the airwaves and the beginning of Alt Rock. DJ Donni Khan claimed that his key-card still worked and he had broken into the studio, only to find a computer spinning up the music. He called various other DJ's and asked them to get over to the studio as soon as possible, and they would bring BRU Back.


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