Original Alt Rock

The Signs

WBRU's faithful listeners could not be stopped in attempting to unravel what was possibly the biggest prank ever. Around 11 pm, BRU fans began to notice that the play-list was repeating. There had yet to be an actual DJ speak, and fans claimed that, with the volume up loud enough, you could hear Windows Error Message alerts. Many also connected the consistent fade-outs to that of Winamp. The more technical BRU fans also noted that an image in the Bru Crew Member Center happened to be named "April_Fools" while it talked about thanking the fans for all their support over the years. The catch phrases and other things the Buddy FM voice-over would say also led to support the prank idea. "Buddy FM – Fun for the whole family" was followed up by a song about being horny. BRU was returning.


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  1. * s3h says:

    bring back buddy FM!!!!!! viva johnny cash!!!!!!

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 1 month ago

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