Original Alt Rock


Original Alt Rock was started as a documentation of the effects that unfolded during March 31 – April 1st 2006 with 95.5 WBRU in Providence Rhode, the station that single handily pulled off the best prank in radio history, and one of the top ever.

Original Alt Rock is not affiliated with WBRU in any way. It is simply fans chronicalling the day BRU got us all.

April 1st 2006.

This has been an astereostudio production 


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  1. * KissyO says:

    Yeah, they got us alright!

    I suffered all day Friday. I told my kids that I would never turn on my radio again, and I proceeded to change the #1 setting on my dial on all my radios. Not knowing how I would replace BRU, I changed the #1 setting to 99.9 on all my radios.

    After I confirmed the hoax, I told my kids that I had been part of it all. I told them that I, as a long-time faithful listener, had been one of the few chosen to know about the hoax and perpetrate it throughout New England. That’s why I was so convincing when the station shut down at 5 pm on Friday (yes, there were tears).

    So now they think I’m really cool!!!

    | Reply Posted 12 years, 3 months ago

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